Bio/Artist statement


Fine Artist



Sigríður Huld Ingvarsdóttir comes from the northern part of Iceland where she grew up on a sheep farm. Her work is highly influenced by the Icelandic nature, myths and the Icelandic horse. For the past years she has focused on painting portraits, horses and other animals. Her artwork portrays strong women with the concept of Valkyries from Norse Mythology and using the Icelandic landscape, horses and the Nordic light and solitude, to create a mythical environment.


She studied fine art in Iceland and after graduating she didn't feel like she could draw or paint with the skills she wanted. In 2012 she was accepted in The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA)in Stockholm Sweden to study the classical way of drawing and painting. There she finally started to learn the skills she needed to create the art she desired.

After graduation in 2015 she has worked on developing her art as well as teaching it and doing commissions. Her focus is on drawing and painting where working from life is extremely important to capture what the eyes truly see. She also uses photographs, specially when working on commissions of horses.


"I want people to look at my art and forget about the troubles of the world for a little while and just look at something beautiful and inspiring. We are constantly bombarded by news and advertisement everywhere we go, bad things happen all the time and it's so easy to forget the beauty that is all around us.

For the past 3 years I have done portraits of women and animals seeking inspiration from my roots: the textures, the old Sagas and the Icelandic horse. I want the viewer to go into the painting and wonder what lies beyond the horizon, feel the warmth of the sheepskin, hear the horse´s breath. It is almost as if the viewer can reach into the painting and stroke the horse. Each painting has a little story behind it. Every person and animal mean something.

I create portraits of animals and I feel it's important to capture the likeness and spirit of them just as in a portrait of an human being.

The craftsmanship of painting and drawing plays a big role in my work. I create realistic images working from life, imagination and photographs using the traditional mediums, oil paint and charcoal. Finding balance with the use of light and shadow, color and line creates a composition which plays an important role in leading the eye around the artwork and helps the viewer read the story I'm telling. Creating harmony and telling some kind of a story is always my main goal.